Guide Issue with Half Episode Shows


Good morning. Something I’ve noticed with the guide is when some shows are half episodes in the guide, once they start, you can’t get to them in the main guide as you can see with Comedy Central. The only way to access this channel is to go to another channel, pull down the quick guide and switch that way.



I'm not sure I follow. CC was playing Parks and Rec at that time and you have it highlighted. So what aren't you able to get to?


I may have not been paying attention to the time. As you can see, that episode starts somewhere around 10:20 maybe, and I should have been looking at the clock. I may be wrong here, and for that, I apologize. I will pay more attention if this is a potential issue or if it's just me.

What I thought I was trying to do was turn on Comedy Central, but when I would click on that Parks and Recreation that is highlighted, it would ask if I want to record, as it was not currently on. Again, I may have just done something wrong and it's my fault.


I think it was on, and it should have tuned the channel. The only way the Record modal would come up is if you click-and-hold. If that's not the case, then perhaps there is a bug.


Thank you! I appreciate it.