Guide: Jumping to next few days?


Hi, I know on Web interface, you can jump your Guide schedule to next few days with the click on the down arrow. Can I do this on ATV and iOS? If no, is there a plan to implement this feature? Scrolling through the guide schedule when I wish to go to next 3 days or more involves a lot of swips.



This is an ommission I would really like to see come to Channels if at all possible.

Often I like to view whats on in the evenings for the next few days to plan ahead and ensure all recordings are set, so I go to 7pm, then usually press a button to “Skip 24 hours” so I can view whats on at 7pm> tomorrow and so on. Constantly having to scroll on Apple TV and iOS gets old fast.

A way to quickly jump back to “Now” is also needed, as currently after scrolling though several days, you have to quit the app and reopen it to get back to “Now” (or swipe for a very long time!)


Yes, I neglected back to Now. This would also be essential.


Bringing back an old thread.

Will this be implemented? I totally wish I could jump to a specific date. It would be great if you want to schedule a recording in the coming weeks without having to spell the name of the show in the search box.

Great way to browse for upcoming shows as well.