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I have Channels app installed on my QNAP Server, and I watch using App on my Nvidia Shield and Firestick. Is there any way to change the look of the Guide? Background, sorting, etc..? And also I added a bunch of different libraries to the Movie and TV Show section but for some reason I dont see the different sections I have them in, for example, I have 80s, Action, Comedy, but I dont see those listed, it just says Movies and all the movies are mixed together. And last question is for the Remote. Is there a way to switch to next channel when watching Live content? When I click button, I just see Quick Guide and rewind and forward, I dont see a setting for up and down for channels. Thanks for the help


Yes via favorites or Channel Collections on the server

That's normal

Only if your remote has channel up/down buttons

Movies and TV shows are indexed and have metadata added along with art. Their folder structure is not considered when showing in Channels. Instead, Channels provides browsing your library based on the metadata it added for you.

You’re probably seeing a flat list of movies with limited sorting. If your library is large, consider turning on Enhanced Library Browsing, which fixes a better library browsing experience.

You can learn more here: Channels Support - Enhanced Library Browsing

I encourage you to read through the documentation or the general website to learn more how Channels works and what its capabilities are.


If you would like your movies in collections like that, you can check out the Library Collections fearure: Channels Support - Library Collections

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