Guide not indicating upcoming Series Pass scheduled recordings?

I have done searches and scrolled thru all of the Apple TV Community and did not see a question or response for this issue; if I missed it, please let me know.

I just recently switched from an Android player to Apple TV. As I viewed the Channels Guide on the Android box, programs that were currently recording would have a red background and the upcoming Series Pass recordings would be a yellow/mustard color.... that way I knew my upcoming program was scheduled to be recorded.

With the current Apple TV (JUST updated to TVos 17.3) it still shows the red background when a program is being recorded, but there seems to be no indication that an upcoming program is set up on a Series Pass.

When I select "record" for that upcoming show, I have to go to "Create Pass" option and then the info box asks if I want to modify the Series Pass.... .at which time I know it's set to record... but again, no indication in the Guide.

Am I missing some setting? I've looked both in Channels settings and all thru the Apple TV settings and can't see anything.

Any ideas? Thank you!!

I’ve seen evidence of this using the guide on my iPad. I suspect much of the code is common between iPad and the Apple TV.

Sometimes the entry in the guide turns yellow when I (first) create the pass and sometimes it doesn’t until I touch that entry in the guide and then it turns yellow. As you say, it seems a bit odd when you select the program again and you are presented with the option to delete the active pass when the guide isn’t indicating that there is active pass.