Guide not loading on clients

Not sure how to fix, have TVE setup and M3U channel loaded , on server guide is there, everything shows up. On all clients, NO guide at all. Under “sources “ tab, says none detected. Must have “HD homerun tuner” . Never had one and everything was working fine this morning.

Thanks for any help someone can provide.

Do you have the correct app installed?

There is the paid Channels app that is for live tv viewing with HDHR tuners only, then the one that is the Whole Home DVR free app that works for TVE etc, and connects to your DVR.

Make sure you are using the Channels Whole Home DVR app

Yes, I’m sure using the correct app. Been using it for months now.
Just made a change to priorities in the server and then this issue started. Trying rebooting, reverse it the priority. Nothing seems to fix it.

My recordings still all show up and all are playable. Just Guide issue.

Any other thoughts?

I thought both apps could connect to a Channels DVR server.
Are you able to connect to it from the client device?

What change?

Priority of which source is used first for recording.

I never had an issue like this before.

Decided to run a test, works perfectly fine on fire tv stick. All my issues is with iOS apps running iOS 15. Is there a workaround for this??

First thing I would check is to verify the wifi network is correct. If you haven’t already, delete the app and re-install.

Thanks for the idea but, I have deleted and reinstalled several times now, it connects to server, all recordings are there, can be played on all clients, but no guide at all , fire tv works perfectly. ATV 4K, Iphone , ipad no guide.

Really getting frustrated have not been able to resolve this all day.

Finally figured it out, evidently IOS devices can’t scan as many channels as Fire tv stick.

Once I removed a large channel source, the guides came back on all devices. Really wish I knew this earlier about the limitations. Should be posted somewhere unless I overlooked it.

Thanks for the offers of assistance on this.

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