Guide not populatingg

What would normally cause this? The channels have successfully been tuned on the HDHomeRun but no guide data is coming through in Channels. I can select the channel and view it successfully though.

Guide data comes from the dvr server. Do you see guide data there?

I think that explains it. I seem to have an issue with my unraid server.

99% sure this is the problem then. Can you just confirm this is nothing to do with the TV aerial? Is the fact I'm able to view the channel when I chose it proof that the aerial is fine? We've just moved into a new house and the aerial is probably pretty ancient, so just wanted to rule that out as the problem.


Correct, nothing to do with the aerial esp if the video is working.

Hi, I'm getting this problem as well. Guide is fetching OK on server, no problems on iOS devices, just no guide on TVOS. I have only been using Channels for a couple of weeks or so, and it was fine until recently.

Does the DVR web UI show guide data?

Yes, the guide works everywhere except on my Apple TV. Today it works fine. I have only seen it go wrong once but my wife says it happened before (she watches TV more than I do).

Click Submit Diagnostics on the TV

I sent diagnostics yesterday. There were these messages in the log but I don't know if it's related?

2020/11/18 18:19:12.077308 [DIAG] Could not package /providers/tve/error_screenshot.png: 404 Not Found
2020/11/18 18:19:12.080383 [DIAG] Could not package /providers/tve/error_screenshot.html: 404 Not Found
2020/11/18 18:19:12.234118 [DIAG] Could not find file: channels-comskip-controller.log: open channels-comskip-controller.log: no such file or directory

This is the line in the log when I submitted diags.

2020/11/18 18:19:20.065619 New diagnostic log submitted under 3f91f110-2440-4f69-be4e-ff44368aaa60

Did you do it on the TV or from the web UI

That was from the TV