Guide not showing most recent hour of programming in guide


Ok so I did that. Web UI still says guide data is still downloading. Flashed the guide data again and still nothing.


Should I try a different guide maybe?


Please reply. Still not working.


I have the same problem now on my Nuc. It started a couple of days ago. If the show is in the guide, you can click. But then a windows pops up asking if you want to record rather than switching to the show. Time is correct on the Nuc and the client. In fact i rebooted all. I see gaps in the dvr web guide.


I clicked refresh on the HDHomeRun in the dvr web. I also noticed my HDHomeRun has a firmware update so I applied it. Same problem.

At one point my Nuc was out of disk space. I see errors in the log about error indexing airings. Maybe clicking refresh will fix. I will check the logs tomorrow


I did not have to wait too long. It is working again. I believe the app didn’t properly recover after failing to write the index due to no free space. The disk space was freed up a few days ago. Clicking the refresh on the HDHomeRun in DVR web most likely fixed the issue.


That did not fix the problem. What’s next?


It’s all the sudden working :man_shrugging:t4: