Guide problem, News15 at Noon shows 8:30am on Guide top row

On my Firestick 4k and my Onn4K box.
Trying to record The Players on Golf channel Thur and Fri and local NBC Sat and Sun.
The Guide for NBC shows 5:30 am for Round 3 and 4 (It's actually at noon).
I set those to Record with long press and that DOES show the correct time and time span.
When I go to the web UI on my Win 11 computer Server it shows things correctly in the Calendar and Guide.
Something is wrong on the Clients.
It will also show things like News 15 at Noon, but the top line of the Guide is saying its at 8:30am.
I did "Re-Download entire Guide" on Server Web UI but it still has the problem.
See the top line, says 5:30am for Round 3, But the next picture shows the correct time details, Noon.

The details when clicking on the recording item:

I’ve seen something similar on my FTV's. Dumping the cache on the Firestick (I also restart) usually fixes the guide data.

Acadiana resident here!

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I tried Restart on FIrestick also,
Client Guide still incorrect.


I just checked on NBC-6000 and it shows the correct start time. I then moved up to 15.2 and the time was still correct. I'll check (later) by going to 15.2 first then move to 6000 to see if I can reproduce your issue.

I'm on a Firestick 4K with Synology server.

I very seldom go out more than a day to set a recording on the client ( too many button pushes). I do use the web ui for most recording setups.

I don't use one, but from what I understand, the fire TV devices sync time over the Internet with some ntp server. The only thing you can set is your time zone.

Is there a clock display that shows what time it thinks it currently is?

I get this on my Shield Pro, 100% reproducible if you use the "ring right" and don't baby it. If I tap it right an hour at a time it seems to be OK, if I hammer it to get to tomorrow night (or similar) it gets completely out of wack.

It's been an issue for a while, kind of used to it.

That’s what I do.
Since we don’t yet have a button press to jump ahead 24 hrs in the Guide
I press right ring repeatedly, and not babying it, to jump ahead.
I suspect this is the issue.

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