Guide Question - Current Time Incorrect

Running Channels with DVR on Apple TV with HDHR Prime. DVR running on a Windows 10 box. Sometimes, probably 1 time in 10, when I launch Channels on my Apple TV the time the guide begins is several hours later than the current time. Thus what is on at the current time is unavailable. I have verifed that time on Apple TV is set to update time automatically. Any thoughts on how to correct or force guide update. Would prefer to do this from Apple TV app rather than having to go to the Win 10 box.

Channels uses the clock on your Channels DVR Server.
Set your win10 PC to sync with an ntp server, like and make sure the win10 PC is set to the correct time zone.

I also use TIME.IS as a quick check and have never been off by more that 1/10 sec.

Also make sure the time zone is set correctly on both DVR server and client. If the Apple TV is setting the time zone automatically, you may have to switch it to manual to make sure it’s right. Do you live in an area that is near a time zone change line?

DVR Server (Win 10 box) is set for auto time sync and time zone changes. Apple TV is on auto also. I live on the east coast of the US, not anywhere near the border of a time zone.