Guide Settings

Hey all,
When I have the guide open and I click on a show to watch a pop-up comes up giving me the choice to either "watch" or "record". I'm wondering if there is a way to disable that pop-up and just have the show start?
I was watching a video on YouTube comparing Plex vs Channels and when the guy was demoing Channels he was on the guide and click on a show and it just started without asking him if he wanted to watch or record. I'm not sure what device he had the Channels app on but it looked like some type of android device. I'm running channels on an Apple TV gen 4. Any help will be appreciated.

Yeah, I've seen this happen over the past month or so. Can't find a pattern. It will show the options but if I return to the guide and choose the show or a different show it won't happen. Very random.

I think if you press the “play” button rather than select it will bypass the prompt and go straight to it. Going from memory though.