Guide/ sources missing from iOS ap

Just updated to the latest pre release. Now in the iPhone ap, I have no guide info or sources.

When I go to the online server I can see my sources there.

Any idea what’s going on?

Sometimes permissions get reset for some odd reason. From the iOS home screen, try going to Settings > Privacy > Local Network and ensure that Channels has access.

Confirmed channels has access to local network (setting had not been turned off)

Are you having this problem remote? From your screen shots it doesn’t appear that you are on a WiFi. Remote access setup correctly?

Yes, I’m currently away from home. Had no issues until I updated the server and the iOS ap

On the app try settings then tap on the top where it says channels dvr and logout relaunch as away from home. If that doesn’t work submit diagnostics

Ok. Just tried that and received this error.

Diagnostics submitted

At home, accessing on home network. Can see guide data, but only for my HD Homerun Channels. Nothing for the TVE sources. I can see all of my channels on the Tivo Stream ap.

Also missing all sources except my hd homerun on my Apple TV

While on your home network and in the app, are there check marks beside the sources under settings like pic below? Have you tried restarting the server? Check for forced settings to client from server side. Are you using a Mac for your server? That prerelease had to do with Mac bugs. Maybe it broke more than it fixed

No. My TVE sources didn’t appear at all.

Just saw another pre release and undated. Now all of my sources are showing again in the ap.

Still having problems with directv and some of the Warner channels.

Have you tried updating your password with the same password under directv and then rescan missing channels. This clears the cookies on some providers. Not sure about directv though

I haven’t. I may give that a try.