Guide stuck on movies

On latest test guide is stuck on movies. No option to select other categories

Could you provide a video of what is happening?

Nevermind I turned off favorites collection. I'm trying to add custom collections. Wish we could rearrange channels like YTTV

You can determine the order.

The order your collections show up in Channels is determined by the order that you add them in the setting.

How do you set them on the Apple tv? I can set them on my PC, but it doesn't transfer over to the Apple tv.

Use global settings on the web admin to set them for all clients or just some.

Read up on it here:

Where is add the Channels collection setting on my PC? The DVR is on my NAS

Ok I found that, but it doesn't have locals

Can you clarify what you mean?

I figured it out. Locals are all the way at the bottom

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