Hallmark Missing in Guide Data / Tuner?!


Subscribed to HDHOMERUN Premium service.

Wife noticed Hallmark was missing in guide and not happy. So looked into it and I noticed that it's actually not in the Tuner anymore either. I made sure that it wasn't just hidden for some odd reason as that would have been an easy fix.

However, channels recently updated to the 11/20/2018 build and wanted to ensure it wasn't related to that. Don't think it is but who knows?

Anyone else notice Hallmark's absence?

Of course it happens over a holiday. :roll_eyes:

I found this other topic...

I'm left wondering if this is a legitimate screw-up by Hallmark or an intentional removal during the most watched period to drive more direct subscribers to their own service.


Same here. the 1468 Hallmark is missing from the tuner all the way. I still have 1455 Hallmark.

I finally got my wife relatively happy with this setup and dropped cable. I am in a pickle over this development!

Now, the Christmas Lifetime movies will not be recorded!!!! I am in the doghouse!!!!