Hanging during playback at “Skipping Commerical”

So I’ve been having an issue where the Channels DVR app will just hang when at the “Skipping Commercial” section, the app will hang and if you leave it long enough it will play the channels animation (the colour-bars scrolling on tv) and will put me back in the recordings page - any attempt to watch any recordings will show the progress bar and the spinning loading icon!

I have tried different decoders (hardware/hybrid/software) and it all seems to show this.

I have even reset my Nvidia Shield TV Pro - seems the hard drive I have attached is running at 480Mbps on the Shield and have no issues watching 4K content from the hard drive.

The only way Channels will play any recordings following the freeze is to reboot the whole Shield TV Pro

Recordings are made on the shields hard drive and are played only on the Shield TV

DVR version Version 2021.10.25.1801


What version number is shown in the Channels app under Settings > Support > About