Hard Drive Pre Blk Friday Sale Best Buy

This is a huge discount $189.99 for 14tb thought I'd share with everyone. Over 100 bucks off the hard drive I just purchased one I was using a 2tb portable external with Channels DVR but was running out of space. Sales ends tomorrow it's a Pre Black Friday sale. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/wd-easystore-14tb-external-usb-3-0-hard-drive-black/6425303.p?skuId=6425303


I bought 2 of them to increase my NAS volume

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That's great and can't blame ya price is a steal

Can you verify they are red drives? I was waiting for BF sales.

Everywhere I'm reading they are white labelled reds. I have one rebuilding in my Synology as we speak.

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I missed the sale. Next time they are on, I think I'll go that route. That's an insane amount of storage and just in time for the ATSC 3.0 rollout.

Is there any issues with screw holes or pins on this drive? I have a WD PR2100.

The price now shows 259 it was 189 yesterday.

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This is a great point...I didn't even think of that. I'm hoping these drives last me for many, many years. If they go on sale again I might pick up one more. That should give me plenty of room for years to come.

I've got two of these EasyStore drives from Best Buy in the past that I use for Channels and they have been great. They go on and off sale for different capacities all the time, but that was a great price... sorry I missed it. I will keep an eye out as we get closer to Black Friday. Thanks for the tip.

Curious - how much space does ATSC 3.0 recordings take up? e.g. on my HDHomerun Prime recording normal 1080 shows, recordings look to be ~4-5GB per hour. Just asking as my 1080 shows take up ~2TB today, but wondering what the same would look like in ATSC/4K in the future to size the future hard drive accordingly (14TB to me today seems like crazy overkill for my needs).