Hardware recommendation


Currently I use a HP Mini desk running at 2.6 quad core for channels and a 6 core for my plex server. I'd like to drop the channels computer to save some money if i can on electricity or is it best to keep it how i have it? all content is saved on a 500gig ssd thats external. So far channels has saved me so much money on box rental and dvr costs, but there's always more to be gained. So as a whole should i try to switch and if so what to? Nvidia shield or ??


If you're already running a server for Plex maybe it makes sense to run Channels on there too.


do you think it can handle the load between the two? Never thought of that but i worry about over load on it...


I don't know how much you use Plex and what kind of content it has etc, but you can check the CPU usage and see what it is normally like.


hmmm good idea...i can back it up and try it on there...i usually use the plex for movies and as a backup recorder for over the air content for the wife in case my other cpu goes down...


I run Plex and Channels on the same machine (and older 5th gen Core i3). I also use it for my UniFi controller and UNMS, and Home Assistant. While I have 8GB of RAM, usage rarely jumps above 1.5-2GB.


Thank you all...so the channels server is running an I5-6500T quad core at 2.5 gig...i think its 5th gen...its also got the highest ram at 16gig...with a 1tb SSD


That's plenty. (And a 6th gen processor, as indicated by the first digit of the model number.) I would recommend keeping the recordings on an external spinning disk hard drive. I've never had an issue with the machine not being enough for serving video files or recording TV.


Thank you all. I'm going to shift my plex server over and see what happens when i go to the gym and remotely play a movie and try and record using channels...




I had to look that one up. TIL = Today I Learned.

From my machines,

  • Current Channels server, i3-5010U – 5th Gen Core processor
  • Current laptop, i5-8250U – 8th Gen Core processor


Very True..every day is a learning experience and today i learned about intel processors...;o)