Hardware Recommendations with Remote Management for Channels DVR



I have been trying to find hardware to host a remote instance of Channels DVR in another state. I am currently using the latest iteration of the Nvidia Shield. The Shield doesn’t seem to be very reliable/stable. The problem I’m having is that I can manage/troubleshoot the Shield (and consequently) the Channels DVR remotely. So if there is problem or update that requires user interaction, I’m stuck. I’m guessing a PC like a NUC so that I can screen share remotely? Anyone have experience with managing a remote instance of Channels DVR and can make hardware recommendations that would make troubleshooting and installation updates easier?



Any PC would be easily manageable remotely, so it’s a matter of preference. Some users have FreeNAS setup while others simply use a Linux or Windows PC.

Most of the major NAS providers also have remote access features these days.




I’m curious what sort of reliablity issues you’ve had with the SHIELD?