Hardware transcoding on Qnap TVS-473 (AMD)

i don’t see a hardware transcoder option for webplayer. My DVR is installed on Qnap TVS-473

This has an AMD CPU and we don’t currently support hardware transcoding on AMD. We plan to add support for AMD hardware transcoding on Windows next year, but I would need to do more research to see if it’s possible on Linux.

thanks for quick reply. I hope you’ll be able to support transcoding with AMDs on Linux.

It looks like AMD does not yet support Linux for their media SDK: https://github.com/GPUOpen-LibrariesAndSDKs/AMF/issues/4

I’m not sure how QNAP Video Station is encoding h264. Maybe they have some special kernel patch from AMD. Or maybe they are using software encoding.

If you want to find out, try encoding some video using Video Station and then SSH in to run:

ps aux | grep -iE “(ffmpeg|264|video)”

Any updates on this one? I am seeing some huge CPU spikes on my QNAP when doing anything other than viewing at original recording quality.

@tmm1 are there any plans to get AMD Linux SDK implemented? Would love to be able to use the GPU in this QNAP.

It has already been implemented and should work if the correct AMF drivers are available. AFAIK AMD has only provided these for Ubuntu so far.