Hardware transcoding support on ASUStor AS7110T


I'm about 6 months new to Channels, and have purchased this ASUStor NAS, and installed Channels on it. It runs very well, but never defaults to HARDWARE transcoding. I've installed the "ffmpeg" helper app, as suggested in other areas on this site, and it's updated to version 4.2.r15. Channels V2022.12.06.2055

It runs outstandingly great with software/Linear, but would really like it to engage the hardware.

Please help me understand what I may not be doing correctly to get this to work.


The ASUSTOR AS7110T uses an Intel Xeon E-2224 processor - it's a very fast processor, but isn't intended for video. Software processing is needed because your processor isn't capable of doing video hardware processing and your NAS doesn't have an option to add a graphics card.

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Thank you.. Kinda figured something like that would be the case. I guess it's a high enough end proc it doesn't need to be hardware.

If you like ASUSTOR products, they have a new AS6706T model that really works well with ChannelsDVR and does the hardware processing that you're looking for. It only has 6 drives, but you can add-in up to 4 m.2 cache drives to speed things up even more. That's what I'm using ...

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This is my first, and I'm quickly becoming a fan.. I could use a separate NAS for all my media, and the other 7110 for the virtualization and normal iSCSI stuff... Man, it's a sweet little device!

Oh Yeah, I'm "hooked" on all this stuff too :slight_smile:


You Xeon E-2224 is a fairly fast 4 core CPU. If you don't need a lot of simultaneous transcoding it can do the job for com skip and a remote stream. I'd limit com skip to one or 2 threads at a time. Give it a try before spending. I do software transcoding with on a TrueNAS box with an i7-7820X which has 8 cores of similar speed.

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