Harmony command

Does anyone know what command I can program into the Harmony that will instantly put the channel stats overlay on the screen?

Use a Mac or Windows computer in your Harmony Activity. This will act as a bluetooth keyboard on your Apple TV.

Use can also use this 'bluetooth keyboard' to your control for your Apple TV (I don't believe you can have 2 devices using bluetooth at once...could be wrong)

When you first launch the activity you will need to pair the 'Computer' to the harmony - so when it asks to do that, pair it with your Apple TV in the bluetooth settings.

Can be abit of messing around to get the controls you want, but you can set up most controls for the keyboard one way or another.

I actually tended to use add an additional Apple TV IR profile for controls and the Bluetooth keyboard for the special commands.

As for the stats,
Map 'i' on the keyboard to the button you wish to bring them up.


Thanks. I have been using the Harmony custom commands for years, just never could figure out what PC command opened the stats. Funny thing is I tried I, but never thought to try i

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