Harmony Hub and Shield - Record Button Mapping?

I have been able to get my Harmony working with Channels via the Nvidia Shield thanks to the various forums posts and guides found on here (see another post I made explaining which profile I'm using: Harmony hub and windows profile pairing problem)

However, I haven't been able to figure out how to map the record button on the remote to something Channels recognises.

I thought Button Mapper would be the solution, but perhaps I've not configured it correctly because it hasn't worked. Was the following correct?

  1. Mapped F5 to Record
  2. Opened Button Mapper on my Shield Android TV
  3. Press "Add Buttons" and the same again
  4. Pressed my Record button, which detected it as F5.
  5. Selected the F5 mapping and pressed "No thanks" to "Pro Features"
  6. Pressed "Single tap"
  7. From the drop-down menu I chose "Media" and then selected "Record".
  8. Pressed Back, Back, and then Exit.
  9. Launched Channels and went to Guide. Pressed the Record button but nothing happened.

To confirm, I've enabled Button Mapper in the Android TV Settings -> Device Preferences -> Accessibility -> Services -> Button Mapper.

Another option according to this guide (https://getchannels.com/docs/apps/remote-control/advanced/#remote-shortcuts), is to add a Windows Computer device to your hub and add it to your Shield Activity as an extra device. The trouble is, when I mapped "Record" from that device to a button on my Harmony, the remote screen said "You have to use the Harmony App to pair this device". As my Shield is already paired within the Activity, I can't see any way to pair another device, so got no further there?

If someone could help me figure this out please, I will definitely be a subscriber. I'm within the 30 day trial atm and have to make this wife friendly, so the Record button is my final obstacle. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

Good news, I've figured it out!

The trick is to pair the Windows Computer device as a new activity.

(Note that I already have a "Watch Media Player" activity with the "NVIDIA" "SHIELD TV" device already paired with my Shield device as the main activity.)

I did this by creating a new "Watch PC" activity that only contained my TV, Amp, and Windows Computer devices. Then within the Harmony App on my iPhone, I edited the new activity and selected Connectivity. From here you need to initiate pairing on your Shield Android TV via Settings -> Remotes & Accessories. In my case though, as I started to navigate to this menu, the pairing within the App completed by itself. I can only assume it detected the already paired "Harmony Keyboard" from the Shield pairing.

I then assigned the Windows Computer "Record" command to my record button, and it worked!

I deleted the temporary "Watch PC" activity, and the Record button continued to work.

Side note to the devs - I can't directly record a live tv show from the Guide view. I have to start watching live tv and then press Record to see the record options. To record TV programs in the future from the Guide, I press select/ok and then choose recording options. Would it be possible to allow the Record button to always bring up the recording options for the highlighted show from the Guide menu for both live and future TV programs please?


Wow. What an odd solution. I will give this a try, I have been annoyed about that record button not working for a while.