Has anyone tried the Channelmaster Stream+?

Was poking around and found the Channelmaster Stream+ on ebay for $79. Here's the product page.

It's an AndroidTV based device with a dual tuner built in to be a standalone Dvr setup. But, don't see a reason why one would have to use their tuner/dvr stuff when you can install Channels on it and possibly take advantage of their excellent remote in comparison to what else is out there.

Has an Ethernet (just 10/100) port for an easy wired connection, USB 3.0, hdmi out so no built in cable to deal with or extension cable needed. Optical out if you need the option. No DV support but it does support HDR10 as well as DD+. CM-7600-11T CM-7600-5T

It's pretty slow/laggy IIRC

Also, Channels can't make use of its OTA tuners.

Androidâ„¢ TV 7.0 Nougat....OLD!
Shield and Tivo Stream 4K is on 9.0
I thought i read some streaming services app no longer support 7.0 OS version.

Wasn't caring about the tuners. Just that it was android tv and had a nice remote. Maybe we can just get the remote and flirc it... Ha

Yeah. Just looked and saw. That's a bugger. Just came across it and looked good at first glance.