Has anyone upgraded to Shield experience 9.1?

I'll ask the questoion differently=
Has anyone upgraded their Shield running the DVR to 9.1?

Yes but I only use mine as a client.

Same. Only client. So can't help ya.

I have upgraded. I asked the same question 8 da ago and got no responses. So, I first upgraded my non-server Shield Pro to 9.1 running the DVR Client. All was fine with no problems so after 2 da I upgraded the other Shield Pro running the DVR Server and DVR Client to 9.1.

The DVR Server has been running a couple days under v9.1; made a couple dozen recordings; plays most of the day since it's in the kitchen -- when we go out we leave it on for the dog. No problems with Channels doing it's thing. It seems to perform the same as it did under v9.02.

The only problem I have with Channels DVR Server running on the Shield Pro is that after it's been running like 3-4 days I start to get "stuttering" when playing back recordings. The best way to describe it is that it looks like the frame rate goes from 30fps to 15fps and playback becomes choppy. I have to reboot the Shield to restart the DVR Server and then everything is back to normal. This not a problem specific to v9.1 but to v9 in general. Never had this happen when running the DVR Server on Shield v8 or when running under Linux while Nvidia fixed things. It started when I upgraded to 9.02 and put the DVR Server back on the Shield. It continues with 9.1.

Thanks for your input. Funny you should mention the stuttering because I've also noticed it after the upgrade to 9.02. On my system it's very subtle and not constant - just once in a while for several minutes and hen disappears.

There is probably a memory leak. Reboot the Shield and all is good for another couple days.