Hauppage Tuner - Will it work?

Hi - Just trying this out as a slicker alternative to current KODI/ Tvheadend set up on RPi, using a Hauppage WinTV tuner - works OK. Looks like the only reference here is to HD HomeRun. There is one mention on forum of only SiliconDust tuners working - can you confirm? Thanks

Only SD HDHomeRun tuners are supported. The developers are exploring SAT>IP support, but it is not available in any form yet—and may never appear.

You can look through the forums for information on Telly or xTeVe, which are programs that can use your Tvheadend install to feed their programs which act as a middleware to emulate HDHomeRun hardware tuners.

Hauppauge tuners are not currently supported.

What is the model number of your tuner?

Ah! I have a WinTV-dualHD Dual Tuner USB, Model 1590