Hauppauge TV Tuners and Capture devices


I normally hate it when posts show up asking “when are you supporting this” or “why don’t you support that?”

But here I am.... Doing just that. But it could be the answer to the CableCARD DRM issue.

One great thing about Windows Media Center was the ability to use a Hauppauge HD-PVR 1212 as a tunning device. The 1212 has an IR blaster to control a cable set top box and then capture the HD component signal / AC3 optical audio for DVR use.

Since adding DRM to any DVR is at minimum $1 million (CableLabs requires this money up front in the event encryption is hacked), the easier solution is use 1 or 2 cable box units with 1212’s and capture the video via analog component video.

Also, in my experience, Hauppauge makes better quality TV tuners. I have both a HDHR Connect Quad and Hauppauge QuadHD internal tuners and hands down the Hauppauge just performs better.

So adding support for Hauppauge (IMO) would be a huge plus to Channels DVR.


I’d love to see support for Hauppauge TV tuners as well, just so I can fit a PCIe card in my PC and get rid of 3 HDHRs and all the extra wires/clutter that are needed for them.


HI, I'm exploring your community and very interested in the Channels app. Has support for Hauppauge been established for this service? My family and community have been cord cutting for several years now and we're very comfortable with Hauppauge. I've heard good things about HDHR, but have no desire to add it to my current configuration. If Channels has or is considering Hauppauge or Tablo support, I would love to introduce it to my community; but if not, thank you for your time and response.


TTBOMK: Silicon Dust HDHomeRun network tuners, only.


Every single hdhomerun device ever produced is supported. We have no plans to add support for other devices.


Thanks guys for your replies. Happy Streaming!