Hauppauge TV Tuners and Capture devices


I normally hate it when posts show up asking “when are you supporting this” or “why don’t you support that?”

But here I am.... Doing just that. But it could be the answer to the CableCARD DRM issue.

One great thing about Windows Media Center was the ability to use a Hauppauge HD-PVR 1212 as a tunning device. The 1212 has an IR blaster to control a cable set top box and then capture the HD component signal / AC3 optical audio for DVR use.

Since adding DRM to any DVR is at minimum $1 million (CableLabs requires this money up front in the event encryption is hacked), the easier solution is use 1 or 2 cable box units with 1212’s and capture the video via analog component video.

Also, in my experience, Hauppauge makes better quality TV tuners. I have both a HDHR Connect Quad and Hauppauge QuadHD internal tuners and hands down the Hauppauge just performs better.

So adding support for Hauppauge (IMO) would be a huge plus to Channels DVR.


I’d love to see support for Hauppauge TV tuners as well, just so I can fit a PCIe card in my PC and get rid of 3 HDHRs and all the extra wires/clutter that are needed for them.