Have to reset HomePod as audio output every time Apple TV wakes up


I’m running channels on an Apple TV 4K using a HomePod as my sound bar. Every time I wake up my Apple TV I have to manually reset the HomePod as the audio source in order to get channels to output audio to the HomePod, even though when I turn on the Apple TV it’s still set to output to the HomePod. I don’t have to go through this step with other apps like Netflix, it seems to be limited to channels.


This is a known issue we are trying to resolve. It appears to be a bug in tvOS audio api we use in our custom video player. I have opened a bug report with Apple to see what they say (here’s a copy: https://openradar.appspot.com/radar?id=5024558297907200 )


I have same issue, please keep working on this! Not great having to reset this every time we use channels


Try again. I woke up to version 3.2.8 and I didn’t have the issue. But I can’t be sure it wasn’t a fluke. But I suggest everyone try again with 3.2.8 and see if it is still happening.


Still have the problem here.