HD Home Run quarto transcoding with dvr service?


If I purchase a HD Home Run Quarto and then use the channels dvr service does it transcode all the live tv channels or just the ones its recorded and playing on the dvr or would I need to purchase an Extend to transcode live streams and streams coming from the dvr?


Why do you need transcoding?


I read that if you have multiple tvs you might need transcoding. I have gigabit ethernet located in each of the rooms so this would not be a big deal. I just don't have any experience with the silicon dust products and am trying to figure out what would be a better setup. Do the live channels load faster with transcoding?


Transcoding usually makes things slower.

By default our apps and DVR don't do any transcoding. But you can turn it on if you want. Mostly it's useful for away-from-home viewing where you don't want to use up all your data plan.

Transcoding happens while watching depending on the bandwidth rate you set in the client. The DVR recordings are stored raw on disk at full quality.

We recommend the new CONNECTs for all users, and especially anyone using hardwired Ethernet. There is almost no reason to buy the EXTEND, and its transcoding options are very limited.


Ok, great that answers my question. Thank you.