HD Homerun availability in U.K


Has anyone managed to get hold of an HD Homerun device in the U.K. recently?

Silicon dust don’t seem to have had any on their own website for a while and nothing on their linked Amazon pages.

Trying to work out if it is a temporary thing or likely to be longer lasting.

Are there likely to be differences in the US ones? Outside of different plugs.

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a different TV standard, lad :wink:


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Saved me some money there then, thanks! :slight_smile:

I’ll keep trawling eBay for used ones for now then.

You could always go this route:

Couple that with a cheap Pi and Tvheadend, and feed that to Channels via M3U/Custom Channels

SiliconDust expects to have inventory in the UK soon. There have been shortages for the last few months.


Good news! Thanks for sharing.

This one was to set up in a family members house, so I was hoping to get something as plug and play as possible. I’m not sure I’d want to be the one responsible for the tv going down if anything happened!

Heard, and understood!

(Although, once setup, the Pi TV HAT/Tvheadend option can be a set-and-forget option. But, I understand the desire for a plug-and-play commercially supported option. Hopefully you won't have to wait long.)

Anyone in the UK selling a used hd home run??
my quatro was damaged when I moved house, and I now have to very creatively wire in my tv areal with several signal boosters. Been looking for a new one until I saw this thread.

Any ideas how many streams a pi hat can run at once?

I believe the tuner can tune 2 muxes concurrently.

I saw a quatro go for >£200 on eBay. I think they are around 140 new! If you can get them of course.