HD HomeRun Tuner and TV Everywhere

How do the HD HomeRun tuners and TV Everywhere work together? I was looking for the answer to this and I haven't found a definite answer anywhere.

I have Channels DVR installed on my FreeNAS server. I have the SiliconDust HD HomeRun (CableCard) and TV Everywhere setup. The SiliconDust tuner is the primary channel provider, while the TV Everywhere sources are secondary. I noticed that TVE puts the streamed channels in the 6000 channel range (or something like that).

I really don't like seeing the TVE channels listed in the guide and was thinking of "hiding" them like I do with certain other channels I don't care about. What will happen if I do that? For example, if I set a show to record and all three tuners on the SiliconDust tuner are occupied, will Channels DVR record the show from the TVE channel? Even if the TVE channel is "hidden" in the guide?

If you mark them "hidden" or "disabled", the channels will not appear in the guide; however, they also will not be used for recording.

If you don't want them to appear in the client, but only the DVR server for recording, then disable the TVE source in the client settings. That way the DVR will still use them for recording, but the client won't see them.

(Edit/Addendum: If you wish to have the TVE channels available to the client—but not have the channels in the 6000s listed—there are two possible ways to achieve this:

  1. If you have a HDHomeRun tuner that can also provide the channel—such as a Prime—then the channels that are the same will be consolidated and merged to only display for the higher priority tuner. So if you received Food Network on 756 on the Prime, as long as the Prime was listed with a higher priority in the client, then it would not appear as 6102; the same channel does not display twice in the guide in the clients.)
  2. Use favorites. You can favorite channels that do not appear in your TVE source, and set the guide to display the "Favorites" category instead of "All" or some other category/genre.)
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Curious - If you don't want them listed in the guide, why are you using TVE as a tuner at all?

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Thanks, but #1 does not work. The Prime is listed as the highest priority tuner and yet the TVE versions of the channels still appear in the 6000's range on the guide. Option #2 could work, but what would happen if all three tuners are occupied by other clients and I have TVE disabled as a source on the client I am using?

Also, what you said in the beginning about disabling the TVE source. So, you're saying I can disable it as a source. Then the clients won't use TVE, but the DVR will use it for recording when all tuners on the Prime are in use?
EDIT: How do I even disable it? It only shows to delete it as a source. Or did you mean disabling each channel in TVE?

I thought I made that clear in my question/post. Maybe not. I need TVE as an overflow if all three tuners are being used on my SiliconDust HD HomeRun Prime.

You can disable a source by clicking it in the Settings area of the app. You didn't specify what app or platform you're using.

I am using the Android app on my Galaxy Note 10+. But I have it installed on Roku, Chromecast, iPhone and some others.

The idea of channels being merged in the guide would only work for channels that are the same both on the Prime and TVE. For others, yes, they would need to be individually disabled.

If the source is disabled in the client, then that client will not use the source. So if all tuners are in use on the Prime and TVE has been disabled, then the client will receive a "Tuner not available" error. However, for recording purposes, the DVR would still use the TVE source.

Source lists and priorities are separate between the DVR and the clients. Each client maintains its own list of sources and their priorities independent from the server. To disable a source for a client you do so in that client app's settings. (I believe it's under Settings > Manage Sources across all client platforms.) A client's setting for source visibility or priority has no bearing/effect on how the DVR server uses its source list and priority order for recording.

Another solution would be to just throw another HDHR into the mix. I was filling my quatro so added another one and now with 8 tuners haven't had a situation where one wasn't available.