HDHomeroom Port 1900 usage

You are very knowledgeable with Channels interfacing with the HDHomeroom software.

Would you be able to assist with the following?
I’m attempting to use Sonos plugin for Indigo home automation software. Sonos reports port 1900 is being used. This UPnP port is being used by HDHomroom.
Do they hold an exclusive access to this port?
How can I shut HDHomeroom down on my Mac to test Sonos port access without HDHomeroom accessing port 1900?

Hmm as far as I know the hdhomerun does not use port 1900.

I removed HDHomeroom. I restarted my Mac and Sonos connected. I then installed the HDHomerun server without the DVR software, which I understand uses port 1900. After restarting my Mac, Sonos plugin still works. I asked the developer of “Channels” about HDHomerun and he is the one that let me know that HDHomerun DVR service was not required. The HDHomerun staff stated that they don’t use port 1900.