HDHomeRun and Guide

I have a HDHomeRun Quatro, latest firmware, and am running Channels on iOS devices (phone and iPad). Channels connects to the tuner just fine, and can start a channel scan, but the guide never gets past marking everything as “unknown”. I’ve given it a few days and tried channel scans repeatedly. I have my location and cable provider set properly in Channels settings.

Is there anything I can do to force a guide update?


Sounds like you're using an OTA tuner with cable and your cable provider is not publishing channel names/numbers over ClearQAM. Channel numbers in the 5000 range are picked randomly by the HDHomeRun and can change between every scan.

Does the official HDHR app show any guide data?

You would be better off with a HDHR PRIME and a CableCARD which will allow you to receive channel names and numbers.

Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll look at the Prime, but ideally, I’m hoping to get an antenna and drop cable altogether. I’ll check with the HDHR software, but it sounds like this is a limitation I’ll have to deal with.

If you use an antenna the guide data will work as expected.