HDHomeRun ATSC 3.0 (HDHR5-4K)



Beat me to it...just got the email and coming over here to post lol

Yeah, I also created a thread in playgrounds on the same.

No station in my market will be changing over for another 3 to 5 years so I will be waiting.

Yea. Only usefull for folks that are in one of the few "test markets" that have maybe 1 or 2 4K channels....(and a 4K TV of course). I have neither of those qualifications...and don't care one bit for 4K OTA.

I ALSO, question faith in Silicon Dust actually putting the thing out, if the Prime 6 is any testament. That been years since it was kickstarted...and nothing. Risk $200 to maybe get nothing...not for me.

The problem with these Kickstarters is they seem to over-promise and under-deliver. The last Kickstarter they did was for the DVR, and they were supposed to implement DRM recording for protected CableCARD channels, which has yet to make any appearance years after it was promised!

(Also, why are they Kickstarting a new tuner when they have yet to deliver their long-promised Prime 6?)

Also, no information about the network speed was given. Is it GbE, or just 100Mbps? (The Prime 3 was GbE, but the forthcoming(?) Prime 6 is only going to be 100Mbps; that many high-def streams could saturate 100Mbps quickly.)

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My opinion is the new standard is just another way for the Big Networks to spy on us. If not online then they want to know what were watching on OTA.

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