HDhomerun channels drop FPS in 60 FPS programs

I am not quite sure how to troubleshoot this or provide logs to help out. I have noticed watching football games via antenna through my HDhomerun that during commercials it will drop from 60 fps, to possibly 30 fps (can't guarantee that is the fps since I can't bring that info up on that platform to verify but video doesn't look smooth until I stop and start the stream) . I can stop the stream and restart it and it fixes it but I have to do it several times during a game. I have noticed this every week watching games. This happens on any of my Shield TV's (have 3 of them) so it isn't a specific one. I have three Apple TV's 4 (2 4K, and 1 non 4k) and I have not noticed this on the Apple TV platform. It keeps 60 fps throughout the game and doesn't require stopping the stream. I am not sure what else to provide for troubleshooting but I have noticed it every week watch NFL football and it doesn't matter which channel this is on (NBC or CBS) they both do it. I own a HDHomerun Connect Quatro and a HDHomerun Extend. I am not sure if it one or the other since you can't determine which one is being used. Thank you.

Does changing Decoder to Software help?

I have not tried changing it to software. It is currently set to hardware, let me change it to software and see what it does.

It appears this has resolved it watching a couple of football games not seeing this. What is the reason to use hardware decoding, just so I kind of know the reason to use software, other than the obvious at the moment? Thank you.

Hardware decoder uses less energy as it is using a dedicated decoder chip, but can be more buggy.

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