HDHomeRun new 4K ATSC 3.0 tuner

From the FAQ page:
The HDHomeRun QUATRO 4K supports streaming 4 virtual channels at once.... 4 channels won't max out a 100Mbps link.


The 57Mbps is for the full physical channel, which can hold 4 subchannels. Therefore it stands to reason that each filtered "virtual channel" you would tune would only be 15Mbps.

Just like the 19Mbps for ATSC1 is for the full physical channel, including the HD primary channel and all of the SD subchannels.

So, by allowing each tuner to only hold a filtered "virtual channel", the total bandwidth would only be about 60Mbps for 2 4K ATSC3 channels and 2 HD ATSC1 channels. It's using this scenario that allows SD to claim that 100Mbps is sufficient.

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i recall some massive issues that Prime users had of the thing falling off their network. The port on it was gigabit. and putting it on a 10/100 switch solved their issue. I think it was something in the NIC firmware that had a bug. I never had the issue my self, but read plenty of users that had the issue.

I had that particular issue with my Primes. It was due to a bug in their ethernet firmware that was finally fixed after nearly 2 years. (Forcing the devices into 100Mbps with a modified cable was one solution; partitioning the devices into a private link-local 169.254/16 network was another.)

The bandwidth issue for the HDHR5-4K is the same as with the Prime 6: the capability of the tuners themselves is means the device may have more bandwidth coming in than it can push out, leading to possible network issues. While it would be a rare thing for such a situation to happen, it definitely could. The fact that SD knows this and still chooses to ship devices with inadequate network bandwidth is a decision on their part.


you are enjoying ATSC 3.0 while Poland not get full DVB-T2 until 2022 :confused:

I didn't back this project yet...but I would be interested to see how well my Synology 918+ handles the 4k streams.

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I can tell you that I can’t get my 918+ to transcode a FiOS 4K stream. Not sure if this is a bug as I reported it but didn’t hear anything as to whether this was expected or not.

That might be different being that its coming in thru TVE right?

Did you mean ATSC 3.0? I’m not aware of any TVE content that is 4K…

The FiOS 4K recordings were likely made from a cable feed through a Prime—FiOS broadcasts some sports content in 4K.

While the HDHR tuners and Channels handle the straight 4K HEVC content fine, I was unaware of transcoding issues with it.

That’s correct, it was recorded with a HDHR PRIME — sorry for any confusion. The errors I got back in February when I tried to transcode are here. We have since deleted the file in question and since we aren’t exactly getting any sports currently, I don’t think it’s possible to record more in the near future.

hopped on this this morning. does anyone know of a good website that talks about ATSC3.0 rollout?

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I can't find anything definitive on specific roll-out dates, but the main website is https://www.atsc.org/

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This is cool, but... Is anyone else a little confused/annoyed that SD has focused so intently on a product that can’t even really be used yet, while the Prime 6 has been nothing more than an empty promise for 2.5 years?

Yeah, that’s insane. Problem is that people wholeheartedly jump into these kick starters with companies that have yet to deliver on the last promised product. Also, kind of annoying to see Channels jump all over this while we’re still waiting for basic 4K playback of local content that’s been in Alpha/Beta for what seems like an eternity.

The Prime 6 was not offered thru a Kickstarter, and besides that poses a whole different kind of development challenge, is subject to CableCARD consortium approval, and is reliant on specific kinds of chips that were discontinued by the manufacturers.

I fully expect to receive my Quatro 4K in a reasonable amount of time. Seems to me the biggest problem with the Prime 6 is that they pre-announced it when they didn't have to, as they admitted in this explanation I recently reshared in another thread:

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Channels doesn't have to do anything to support the new device, so I'm not sure what your issue is.

Also, local content is pre-alpha, and quite crude, as explained when it was introduced. Remember, presently Channels is software for TV first and foremost. If viewing of your 4K local content is important, I'd recommend you search for software that meets your needs.

Unless you develop for them and have first-hand knowledge of their code, how are you so sure NO changes have to be made on the Channels end to support these devices, I’m absolutely certain there are changes that have to be made under the hood, now matter how minute. And I understand what Alpha/Beta means, but it’s been “Alpha/Beta for many months now. Still can’t import shows, or playback 4K content, after many months of Alpha/Beta. Haven’t seen a new feature in a year. Cancelled my sub today. Seems like you’re happy with the service, I’m happy for you and hope it continues that way. I like Channels, best implementation of Live TV I’ve ever had besides STB’s, but, the finicky TVE and lack of features just made me reconsider the whole cable channel thing. Selling my Prime and will simplify things by just relying on the streaming services I already pay for and use Plex for my personal content. That’ll keep the Wife and Kids happy once they get used to not having a favorite channel or two, and saves me tons of time, money, and headaches.

I might be interested in your prime if you definitely decide to sell it.


Backed this project!

Tampa is on the list of markets adopting this, so I am looking forward to this!

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