HDhomerun OTA Multiple pauses and timeline spinner (SHIELD)

Trying out channels dvr with live ota using an hdhomerun quatro. When watching live tv, I have seen multiple pauses almost like it stops and reconnects. Wondering if that is from a weak signal or is it possible the client isn't buffering fast enough? I'm using an nvidia shield wired on a gigabit network. Dvr is running on a WD PR2100.


Can you go to the Player tab and click Submit Diagnostics > Video Player

You can check the Signal Quality and Strength on my.hdhomerun.com

Does any similar problem happen in the official HDHR app?

I do see the image pixelate with that specific station. Do you think it is possible the signal could be too strong? I read other posts that referred to that being the issue.


SiliconDust support would be able to help you better.

I have a support ticket open with silicon dust. Just figured I’d let you know, when I pause live tv for a few seconds, it helps with the random pauses in the channels app. Basically stops the constant reload of the station. Wondering if it is due to the stream coming in to fast or because of the distortion in the picture.

One thing you can try in the shield app is to go to Player tab and turn Surround Sound to Off.

LMK if that makes any difference.

Does the same thing. Whenever there is a lot of pixelation for a second, it just refreshes the channel it seems.