HDHomeRun Over Internet

I'm trying to get a couple channels from an HDHomeRun Prime over the internet into my Channels DVR. I don't really care how that happens, preferably a clean simple way. What's the best way to do this? I've seen xTeVe, Telly, VPN. I've tried HDHR over VPN but that was too stuttery. I figured I'd need to somehow transcode this. What's your guys' suggestions?

  1. Install an instance of Channels DVR at the location of the Prime
  2. Set the transcoding settings at the remote DVR to your chosen resolution/bitrate
  3. Generate/export the M3U playlist for that DVR's Prime
  4. Create a VPN tunnel between your locations (site-to-site WireGuard is an excellent option)
  5. Install a Channels DVR instance at your location
  6. Add the exported playlist as a Custom Channel to the second installation
  7. Ensure your routers/gateways are properly configured to pass data between locations

Thanks. Wow that’s exactly what I was trying to do but I was trying to do it with just port forwarding and found out it wouldn’t work without the authorization. I guess I’ll have to add the VPN to bypass that. Thanks man!

Don't need the vpn if you create the M3U playlist with a session cookie, provided you have remote access enabled.

How do I do this?

After doing a bunch of searching on this forum using the keywords here I was able to get this to work. So thanks everyone! But I couldn't get it to pull the m3u playlist using the session cookie. So I pulled it down and then modified the actual file and added the session ID to all of the channel links.

I could only get it to work using the special channels DVR link. Are you able to use a dyn dns or IP?

If you use a VPN and both machines have private IP addresses, then session ID/cookie is unnecessary. But if you are using the session ID, you will need to periodically refresh it when your session expires.