HDHomeRun Premium channel playback freezing issues


I've been noticing that playback of recordings of HDHomeRun Premium channels tend to freeze occasionally on iOS and Apple TV devices. This does not affect antenna recordings (MPEG-2). It seems to happen only intermittently - at least I haven't seen a pattern - maybe 1-5 times per movies, and 0-2 times for a TV show, and is fixed by simply backing out and restarting playback (which always resumes from the current position). Waiting for it to resume, or toggling play/pause, does not work. A peculiarity of my system is that I'm running Channels DVR on an homebrew Linux ARM server, so it's possible that this is unique to me. Has anyone seen similar?


I've seen similar, have only been running 2 days. My server is an ODROID HC-2 also ARM-based. I think the processor in the server needs a bit more grunt - i.e. a more capable processor. At first I thought it was the WiFi connection so I changed to ethernet ... still occasionally get the issue. In settings, I found adjusting the server quality and client buffer settings improved the situation. If anyone else has ideas, please share.


Really that shouldn't affect it. The H.264 streams should just be sent as is, not requiring encoding, and they are generally more compressed than the ATSC MPEG-2 streams, which stream fine.