HDHomeRun Premium TV fees and taxes?


Hi all. I will be signing up for HDHomeRun Premium TV later this week. For those who already use the service, can you tell me if there are any fees or taxes? Or is it just a straight $34.99 per month? Thanks in advance!


Straight 34.99. However, I highly suggest you check out the SD forums before you sign up. They just lost 8 channels and aren't being as forthcoming about the situation as some people would like. I personally cancelled my service because it isn't worth it to me without Discovery channel and HGTV. I will also be disputing the charge on my credit card because they are offering a $10 credit for next months service but won't answer the question when those who do not want the service any longer ask for a partial refund.

Another concern is the picture quality. Right now it is pretty bad but they say that will change with "stage 2" coming soon. This was before the loss of the channels and there is not a specific date when stage 2 will happen.

All of this is unfortunate for me because I liked the one app and local dvr approach.


Thanks for the info. I actually discovered the 8 channel issue shortly after posting my question regarding price. I am really disappointed and frustrated because I have already purchased and installed an attic antenna and an HDHomeRun Connect Quatro. My cable is scheduled to be disconnected this weekend.

The one thing that is confusing is their Health/Status thread, which seems to indicate the 8 channel issue is something they are working to correct:

Worst case, I suppose I can keep the cable (damn it!!!) and continue to use my HDHomeRun Prime, and then supplement my local channel tuners with the Quatro. But I was really looking forward to cutting the cord.


Don’t use their premium channels use YouTube TV or Directv Now or Hulu Live TV or Sling TV. Use with the the same player you use to watch Channels In your TV’s


I cancelled their service today as well. Unfortunate but between the crappy picture quality, lackluster response at the onset of this incident, the confusing promised $10 credit, and no end in sight (we're at 2 weeks now), its clear the service isn't ready yet.

I had sling TV from near day 1 and while there were some buffering issues early on during some major events, sling never had issues this bad.


On a happier note, I sent a request through their contact us page for a full months refund after I cancelled and they almost immediately sent me a message back stating they have refunded my $34.99 to my credit card. Checked my credit card a few days later and the refund had already posted.