HDHomeRun Premium TV quality?


For HDHomeRun Premium TV subscribers - Just wondering how the quality is? According to SiliconDust, the resolution is 720p. I was hoping for 1080p/i. What are your thoughts? Good picture? Any buffering issues?


Never get buffering. PQ is fair 720p 30 fps. Promising H.265 which is in the works now. You won’t see 1080i probably 720p 60 fps which is fine with me . Definitely worth the $35 a month.


Dolby Digital?


Nope, but promised


I tried it for a month and cancelled. I found the PQ to be poor and experienced some, but very little buffering. Also, you cannot log in to the streaming channels apps with the Premium TV credentials. I decided that YTTV at $40 is better for me. The plus side is Channels, as usual, just worked. Controls, Guide and DVR worked the same as with my OTA channels.