HDHomerun Prime Plus HDHomerun Duo

I use a HDHomerun Duo for the local OTA channels. I'm looking to buy a HDHomerun Prime to use with a Spectrum cable package. From what I understand, I'll need the cable card and tuning adapter with Spectrum. I've seen where people are using multiple HDHomerun devices for OTA, but have not seen anybody stating that they're using an HDHomerun Prime with a HDHomerun OTA device. Can I have both the HDHomerun Duo for OTA channels and the HDHomerun Prime configured on Channels DVR? Does anybody know of any potential problems I should be aware of when setting up HDHomerun Prime with Spectrum and using it with Channels DVR? The area I live in was an old TWC area if that makes a difference.

Thanks ahead of time for any feedback, John

Yes, you can use both together with no issues. However, your local Spectrum subscription will most likely have nearly all channels encumbered with DRM, making them unusable from within Channels.

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What @racameron said. I use a Prime with two OTA HDHRs with no problem, and can even adjust the priority of which Channels pulls from first. But Spectrum is usually a problem in most areas. However, instead of a Prime you can try using Spectrum TVE as a source. That may not pull in everything you want, but it's an alternative. Spectrum will probably make you get one of their boxes as part of the account, but then you can try to set up TVE within Channels.

Is the DRM problems just with recording, or with viewing and recording? I could live with just viewing. I figured they may be a few channels that TVE wouldn't get plus I'd have all the local OTA channels. I live in a rural area where I can get good signal for some stations, but a very weak sometimes unusable signal for others.

You won't be able to view the DRM Channels.

With the Prime, as @djcastaldo said, you likely won't be able to view or record.

With TVE you'll get most channels as far as I know, but see the Spectrum thread.

Thanks everybody. I can strike the cable card option off the list!

You can View DRM Channels with the free HDHomeRun App on AndroidTV and Windows PC. and other devices.

drm [HDHomeRun]

I have the spectrum streaming package where I dont need a cable box. I'm using it with channels through TVE & so far I have had no issues.

Thanks Edwin! I have the HDHomerun app on my Android TV with the HDHomerun Duo, but I've been using Channels DVR and completely forgot about the app.

all4dom, thanks. Between the HDHomerun app and TVE with Channels DVR, that may provide a workable solution for me.