HDHomeRun recommendation


Currently i am running Channels DVR with two Homerun Connects. I Stream from my Apple sever to 3 AppleTV’s and one Mac. Would I see any benefit upgrading to Homerun Extends since they have built in hardware transcoding.


Are you having issues with your current setup? We don’t generally recommend the EXTEND as it has a pretty limited transcoder and doesn’t provide much benefit for most people.


No problems. I was just looking to get the best hardware for the new services.


We generally recommend the new DUO or QUATRO.


I can tell you our new Quatro has functioned nearly flawlessly–stand-alone, with both SD and Channels apps, as well as with both the SD and Channels DVR software.


Can you elaborate on the ‘Limitations’ of the Extend? I have two of them and am quite happy with them.


The transcoder on the extend is limited in that it only has two usable modes: heavy and mobile. Heavy is high bitrate and interlaced, and mobile is low bitrate but also drops interlaced channels down to 30fps. If you want to remote stream then Channels DVR's transcoder provides a lot more options, and the transcoding setting is adjustable at viewing time. If you record off the EXTEND in mobile mode you're stuck with a low quality recording forever.

For 90% of people the CONNECT is a better value since it has a newer tuning chipset for a lower price. Also comes in 4-Tuner model.


I have only used HEAVY and have had no problems with remote streaming.


I find the extends transcoding useful in two situations:

  1. I use heavy for all my DVR recordings. This cuts disk space usage in half with little to no reduction in video quality.
  2. I use mobile when viewing live TV on smart phones and tables. This reduces wireless bandwidth and provides reliable playback near the edge of my wifi coverage. I have a detached workshop in my back yard and the transcoding makes a difference with playback.

If and when the DVR offers built in transcoding of recordings the value of the extend will be greatly reduced.

I am interested in how much better the tuner is in the newer devices.