Can I use a HDhomerun without a hookup for over the air TV?
I am thinking about getting Channels but only want to use Internet for my source for TV and not over the air. I have not purchased a HDhomerun yet. I wan to make sure this will work before I purchase a HDhomerun.

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HDHomeRun devices are for over the air antennas. There is also cable card versions that require a cable subscription.

I’m confused in what your plan is for the HDHomeRun.

You do not need a HDHomeRun to use ChannelsDVR depends what your use case is.

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Can you expand on this. What would be your internet source? You don’t need any version of the hdhomerun to run channels.

My channels app on my Firestick will not connect to my channels DVR server on my PC.
tech support said I need a HDHomrum to make it work

I doubt they meant that ... if you want to VIEW all OTA Channels you would need a HDHomeRun.

You need to add some kind of Source to the Channels DVR server.

Source, like a program guide, BeastTV, IPTVsmarters or?

You could try and setup Pluto just to get you going

You would need to go into your server settings and add custom source. Input the info from this thread.


OK, I see custom source. I will look through the options for custom source to see what I can make work.

PlutoTV is a good start, but you'll probably want more LiveTV and other "cable" channels. So you'll need to look into Hulu LiveTV or YoutubeTV or other IPTV sources. Check out this site to find the channels you want, and the cheapest combination of services that offer those channes: https://www.suppose.tv/

Thanks, I will look into those possibilities.