HDHR 4K ATSC 3.0 Channels in 100s showing under SD Channels in LineUp

From HDHR changelog:

HDHomeRun Firmware - HDHR5-4K (20210103)

  • Shift ATSC 3.0 channels to 100+ range to avoid conflict with ATSC 1.0 channels.
  • Fix problem detecting some ATSC 3.0 channels during channel scan.
  • Fix problem handling some MMTP channels.
  • Fix model name reporting on HDHR5-4K-DEV models.
  • Auto-select PLP when tuning by program number.
  • Rename VideoCodec reporting of HEVC/H265 content in lineup.xml/json to HEVC.
  • Rename System Status page to System Menu.

IMPORTANT - you need to run a new channel scan after upgrading the firmware if you have ATSC 3.0 channels.

After following the instructions above to update firmware and rescan for channels, my Seattle Antenna lineup is now looking like this in the Settings and Guide Screens:

Is this expected behavior? In theory, ATSC 3.0 channels could be 4K...

Here's the channel lineup from the HDHR (ATSC 3.0 channels now only showing w/ HEVC tag instead of HD and HEVC tags):

Looks like an issue with the firmware not reporting the channels as HD. While Channels could override the data being sent by the tuner, the root of the problem is that SiliconDust is not marking those channels as HD.

(Of course, given SD's general attitude, they'll probably describe this discrepancy as a "feature". /snark)

From the SD forums, Nick clarified:

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So the bigger question in my mind is will Channels be able to record these HVEC (hopefully 4k at some point) channels and I wonder if the developers are also looking into a preference setting. I have tried to view the new channels in my area through the SD app and video is working on and off on some but audio is not working yet. The channels in my area just went live the other day so I assume the broadcasters are still working out the kinks in the new setup.

Channels can already record and playback 4K HEVC (as broadcast on FiOS), so this shouldn't pose any problem.

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@tmm1 Can we get a workaround for this issue? It doesn’t look like Silicon Dust has any interest in fixing it. Maybe a way to manually flag a station as HD, or automatically flag HVEC encoded stations as HD?

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They are marked as HDTV on the guide ? Can I ask why you need them on the web page ?

They are under HD on my tuner in Channels DVR.

Sorry, I was referring to the ATSC 3.0 stations show up as SD in the current Android TV client.

They show up as HD on my FireTV. Can You post a screenshot ?

Filtered by HD.