HDHR 5-4k

So I'm guessing this will work with Channels, without issues. How about on my Pr2100?

already a thread for this

4K content has no problems. The only additional issues a lower-powered NAS might have is if you transcode. Otherwise, it's all just bits across the network and disk; Channels doesn't change or process the streams by default.

Not when I posted

I'm guessing away from home can be a problem, I have it set up at my sister's house, I'm guessing there will be a 4k and regular 1080i or 720p broadcast

Aren't we still waiting on the last Silicon Dust kick starter to be released. Still no drm record support and still no prime 6. Amazing how people will believe anything.

Ah, but for this one they don't need CableCARD consortium approval for each new design. And they've already met their goal of $50,000 from over 250 backers. I'm one of them.

See HDHomeRun new 4K ATSC 3.0 tuner