HDHR Dual Legacy Support

When installing the Channels DVR server, it found my old HDHomerun Dual on the network but failed to find any channels and won't let me complete installation of the server:

1 source found

HDHomeRun DUAL ()

[0 channels] on []

Please use the Channels app on tvOS or iOS to update this legacy HDHR to the latest firmware (if available), and then scan for channels.

*Once the scan is complete, click [here]

I don't own any iOS devices. Any other way to get this old HDHomerun tuner functioning while I'm still on the Channels DVR trial? I only have a single coax cable hooked up to the antenna but I don't think both tuners need to be enabled for Channels DVR?

So you have a Windows PC? The legacy devices scan for channels, and send that channel list to SiliconDust, and it is accessed from their since the device doesn't store it. A channel scan of this sort for legacy devices is only supported on Windows by SiliconDust.

I am not sure how Channels handles channel scans for legacy devices, but if you do a scan from Windows with SD's software, Channels ought to treat it as a regular modern tuner.

Our scan on iOS works the same way as the SD Windows app. So use their app to update firmware and do a scan, then it should work.

Ran the HDHomerunRun Setup exe in Windows and proceeded with channel scan. It added a bunch of channels and then saved configuration and closed. Going back to Channels DVR server setup, I still see 0 channels for this legacy HDHomerun Dual and it won't let me finish the initial setup/install. Guess I'll try again tomorrow.

Click Scan Network on the dvr?

Got it working. I think what finally fixed it was allowing internet access for the HDHR on my router (I had it blocked by default) and then power cycling the HDHR. Then did another channel scan in the Windows HDHR Setup software for good measure. Something to try if anyone else runs into this problem with the older HDHR Dual tuner boxes.

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Recently an OTA channel got moved to a different frequency and need to rescan my HDHomeRun Legacy device. So I ran the HDHR-Setup windows app from SiliconDust and it found the new channels and I applied the configuration which I assume saves the new channels to a SD server.

But how do I get my channelsDvr Server or clients to now get/present the new channels? I tried "Scan Network" from the server web portal but didn't change anything (still shows the same channels as before).

Hmm that's supposed to work. Do you have a tvOS or iOS device

I don't have tvOS/iOS devices. Only Firesticks, Snology NAS and Linux/Windows laptops. Rebooting my Snology NAS that is running Channels-DVR-Server didn't fix the issue.

Is there a way to see if the new channels got saved properly on the SD server?

Yea if you go to /discover.json on the HDHR there's a DeviceAuth which you can use with


Thanks. OK appears my lineup on server for my HDHR device is NOT updating. I ran the HDHR-setup windows app again, scanned both tuners and selected "apply" which I think saves to SD server but didn't change my lineup.json entries.

Any ideas on what to try next?

There are now two physical OTA channels that maps to the same guide-number. Wondering if it just maps to the first physical channel (old one still active) instead of the higher one. Is there anyway to manually correct the lineup.json file?

BTW: I cleared the "data" using firestick apps menu on ChannelsDVR and lost all the HDHR channels from guide menu. I can still reach them from on-now menu but painful. Any way to fix this?

OK. I solved it by updating the HDHR-setup windows app and running the scan again and re-applying. Now it is showing the new channels in my lineup.json file from SD server.

Now just need to fix missing all the HDHR channels in the guide menu on the Channels-DVR app running on my firestick. What is odd is I can only see/select them from the on-now menu. Any ideas?


OK got the guide to list the HDHR channels again but still not showing the new lineup of channels from SD HDHR server... Please help.

If it were me, I would remove and add the HDHR source in the Channels DVR web UI settings.
Then remove and re-install the Channels app on the clients.

I've asked and have seen others ask when and how often does a Channels Client update/refresh that type of info from the Channels DVR Server, but can't find an authoritative response or documentation on it.

When I get impatient I just start off on my own doing what I think should work :smiley:

Sometimes I just talk to myself on the forum

lineup.json is reloaded from the tuner every two hours

For legacy tuners it uses the SD api server url linked earlier

Using Scan Network from web UI will also reload from tuner.

Once dvr has the correct lineup, Scan Network from client app (or app restart) will load the latest lineup from the dvr server


Thanks tmm1, its working now showing the new OTA channels from HDHR. Just started showing the new channels after a day or two...

Wasn't sure what triggered the clients to show/check for new listings... I will reference this info next time and select the scan-network to expedite the check for new OTA channels by channels client app.

Awesome support!!.

How did you know the HDHR wasn’t getting internet access? I have a Dual as well (hdhr3-us) and as soon as I hit “scan” (in the silicon dust setup) it immediately closes without finding anything. Every app seems to see the tuner just fine, it just can’t seem to scan. Can’t tell if it’s software or hardware related.

Scanning needs to be done from a Windows computer through their HDHomeRun setup software. Their software is the only thing that'll work, because it uploads the lineup to their servers where it lives. Legacy devices do not maintain their own lineup the way current models do.

Edit: I just saw your post at the SD forums. I suppose that'd be your best route to figure this out; I misunderstood your post thinking the issue was from Channels not scanning, not SD's own app not working.

They just mentioned diagnostics say it’s likely a hardware fault.