HDHR FTA Radio Channels Black Screen

I'm in the UK. My HDHomerun Quattro can pick up lots of FTA Radio Stations which I can listen to fine, but the screen is completely blank. I had expected maybe the Station logo to appear on screen or the Track Playing Info or something. Is this a newbie settings issue or is this just how it is on Radio?

This seems to be just how it is for now, I do think that displaying the station logo and/or the EPG image/description would be handy but I suspect listening to radio through a TV is quite a niche subset of channels users.

I have them setup but never use them, I do however use the links you can copy from the server admin in the Broadcasts app so I can listen to BBC radio streams when they have licensing blackouts on BBC Sounds, e.g. live local sports commentary.

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I think you are right. I'm not sure how much I would actually use it myself, I'm just going through all the features testing it out at the moment.

If I was going to use the Radio I think I would just hit the Up button and leave the timeline/Info banner on screen so it didn't look like the TV was off. I know some systems do have the track playing data showing, which would be nice, but I don't even know if that is available in the HDHR feed.