HDHR lineup.json URL is ignored

I'm working on integrating this version of pseudotv with Channels and noticed some odd behavior when attempting to view a stream. It appears as if channels is completely ignoring the URL from the lineup.json and is making assumptions about port number (5004) and route (/auto/vwhatever).

It's easy enough to listen on both ports (80 and 5004) and to support the expected route, but it would be ideal if Channels respected the URL from the lineup.json.

There are no plans to change this behavior.

If you want to run an emulated HDHR, run it on a specific port and when adding to the app add with the port number attached. That will signal that it not a real HDHR. But I think the streaming url is still ignored.

Fair enough, thanks.

As a follow up, when you say

That will signal that it not a real HDHR

does that mean there is a benefit to Channels knowing that it's not a real HDHR? As in it won't try to update the firmware, or?

It will disable all hdhomerun specific code such as firmware update, UDP signal status API, DVB EIT, and many other specific hardware features.