HDHR Prime Channel Remapping

I fired up the HDHR TV streaming app while debugging an issue with my HDHR Prime, and discovered afterward that it had remapped all of the cable channels, eg. they originally were in the 700+ channel range, and now a lot of them have been remapped into the 2-digit range.

I prefer the unmapped numbering because it helps to segregate the OTA channels from the CATV channels in the guide.

How do I revert back to the unmapped channel numbers?

Hmmm.... Actually, what I think I'm seeing are the SD channels mapped to 2-digit channel numbers. The HD channels all retain 3-digit channels numbers. I'd inadvertently switch from the HD view of the guide to the All Channels view.

I think what I really want to do it always use the Favorites view in the Channels Guide. Because there are about a 1/2 dozen CATV channels in SD that I do want to be able to see in the guide, but want all of the others to not show up. So I'll mark all of the channels I care about (OTA and CATV) as Favorites in the DVR configurator and that should take care of things.

For a little more versatility, you could hide the SD channels you do not want to see, in the DVR WebUI. Then you could still mark what you would prefer to be your favorites and be able to toggle between All and Favorites, without seeing any that you have hidden. Just a touch more personalized.