HDHR Prime firmware 20190417?


Noticed a new firmware. Figured I'd ask if anyone has done the upgrade, if there have been any issues. Thanks!


No issues here.


Thanks @tmm1!


@tmm1, not sure if it is considered a bug or not, but Channels ATV beta was still showing option to upgrade 20180817 -> 20190417 for about 5-10 minutes after the upgrade completed. HDHR system status was showing 20190417 immediately, and Channels ATV non-beta was (correctly) not showing an option to upgrade right away.


No problems with the firmware. It was released to fix a bug where a disabled channel that couldn't be found again during a background scan would later be found and marked as enabled.

This generally only affects users with a tuning adapter, and especially if your TA requires longer than normal to lock on to a signal, or is quite flakey.

I'm still not fully convinced it fixed the issue, but I'm going to have to wait a bit since I just reforced a new manual scan after resetting my TAs.


I upgraded while it was still in beta. It fixed an issue with a problem I was having with WTVD here in Raleigh. I had been racking my brain trying to resolve with antenna adjustments. Once I installed the update the problem was fixed.


When I bought my unit on eBay last year it was already 'old'. Pleasantly surprised to see it still getting updates.