HDHR source question: guide data and HD vs SD

i'm using a fork of locast2plex that basically turns locast into a fake HDHR stream on the network, which allows me to have the OTA channel numbers for my locast streams rather than the 5900 numbers (which is a big deal for WAF, she still yells at me every time i tell her to turn on channel 7 which is not channel 7, or something similar).

so far, i have this working pretty well...i pick the locast HDHR source, which shows all 54 LA channels...but there are two issues:

  1. it detects all channels as SD. is there a flag that has to be set on the HDHR end that channels is looking for to determine HD vs SD? if so, i can let the dev know so they can set that flag correctly.

  2. how do i get the guide to stick? i go into the HDHR locast source and add the guide data for LA OTA, but as soon as i close the window it is gone...and none of the channels are mapped. if i go in and map the channels individually that seems to work, but it's rather tedious with so many channels...shouldn't the main guide thing just map them automatically? am i doing something wrong?